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The Refrigeration School, Inc. Launches New Install Apprenticeship Bootcamp Program, Partnering with Parker & Sons

June 19, 2020

The Refrigeration School, Inc. (RSI) has partnered with Parker & Sons Air Conditioning, a local Phoenix HVAC and plumbing contractor, to help launch its all-new Install Apprenticeship Bootcamp Program. The immersive training program offers expedited, quality training for new hires to learn the necessary skills to jumpstart a lucrative career in HVAC and become a valuable asset to employers from day one.

The apprenticeship program is designed to help address the skilled labor shortage crisis among RSI’s partner employers and properly train new hires with little-to-no experience in AC unit installation. Participants can expect a three-week expedited training schedule, with four-day training weeks and critical on-the-job training on the weekends. Instruction and training will be led by an RSI instructor in order to provide hands-on training and oversight.

“We’re excited to introduce the Install Apprenticeship Bootcamp Program and welcome Parker & Sons Air Conditioning as our first program partner,” said Mary Kelly, president and CEO of StrataTech Education Group. “We are constantly thinking of innovative ways to help close the skilled labor shortage gap and this program offers an efficient way to add new talent to the industry while also helping our partner employers and our graduates.”

In addition to learning the essential skills in safety, common tools, and parts and material recognition, participants will learn core skills such as installing, condensing and package units, duct installation, brazing and evacuation, and charging. Parker & Sons will also provide basic equipment, install tools and PPE for the training course.

“With the critical labor shortage, it is challenging to find qualified candidates to help meet the demand of our business,” said Daryl Bingham, COO of Parker & Sons. “With the Install Apprenticeship Bootcamp Program and our partnership with RSI, we are able to rapidly provide quality training to new installers with the flexibility to customize the program to fit our business needs. We look forward to working with RSI and getting one step closer to closing the labor shortage gap.”

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