Crescent Jobox

Toughest, Most Secure Site Storage Innovations Set New Standard with Crescent JOBOX Site-Vault Series

November 04, 2020

Professionals know the value of security with their on-site storage. From tools to personal items, storage units need to stand up to the elements and to theft. The new Crescent JOBOX Site-Vault Series of piano boxes and chests blends user-friendly storage solutions with next-gen security for peace of mind, allowing pros to focus on the job at hand.

Crescent JoboxThe premium Crescent JOBOX Site-Vault Series of piano boxes features the upgraded Site-Vault Series security system with a fluorescent reflective indicator that signals if the box is not securely locked. It offers new built-in lid storage, a chamfered lid for enhanced strength and shelf strength to carry up to 1,000 pounds. The upgraded lock system supports Master #1, #5, #175 and American 50 padlocks, while the built-in padlock-able sidewall storage bin is perfect for personal items. The seven piano box options range from 48-74 inches long and 39-64 inches tall.

The Crescent JOBOX Site Vault Series Chests feature a chamfered lid design that adds strength and eliminates sharp lid corners for security and improved safety. The lids also include deep upper and lower built-in storage bins with cargo netting to hold contents. A gas spring makes the lid easier to open and enhances safety by preventing it from slamming shut, and a built-in sidewall storage bin is ideal for frequently used items. Seven size options are available from 30-72 inches long and 39-64 inches tall.

All feature four-way skid bolsters for easy loading and unloading. For more information, visit

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