Tower Tech Introduces Line of Highly Efficient Cooling Towers

July 11, 2022

Tower Tech, the leading manufacturer of modular cooling towers that effectively bridge the gap between sustainability and energy efficiency, is proud to introduce two closed-circuit cooling tower models, Hybrid Fluid Cooler Technology and Evaporative Fluid Cooler Technology, to its TTXR Series.

The TTXR Series Modular Cooling was designed for increased performance at design conditions, smaller footprint and reduced fan horsepower. While using the same structure and features as the TTXL series, the closed-circuit cooling towers is different internally. A closed-circuit, or closed-loop, design involves no contact between the air and the fluid being cooled.

“As the cooling tower space continues to evolve, Tech Tower is excited to expand its products beyond open-circuit devices and into the closed-circuit cooling tower market,” says Tower Tech President, Mathu Solo, “We’re proud to introduce our Hybrid Fluid Cooler Technology and Evaporative Fluid Cooler Technology to our customers as it offers a no-drift solution for industrial applications like food processing that require mitigation of airborne contaminates.

These newly introduced models are completely non-corrosive, resisting fouling and scale buildup over the entirety of the device’s life. By incorporating Polymer Coil Design Technology, each tower uses polymer coils instead of metal. As a result these models reduce maintenance costs since the towers are lighter in weight, more durable, and ultimately easier to service regardless of the fluid used.

Another key feature of closed-circuit cooling towers is its ability to reduce water usage, the need for chemicals and the frequency of blowdown. As with all Tower Tech models these use fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) for the construction of internal and external components. This efficient design offers energy savings in terms of water and electricity usage and lowers lifetime cost of ownership by extending the product life to over 30 years.

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About Tower Tech

Tower Tech, a leader in modular cooling towers, bridges the gap between sustainability and energy efficiency. Our HVAC technology is installed around the world in commercial and industrial applications, from petroleum refineries and power generation plants to hotels and universities, while our StormStrong technology is hurricane rated and ensures operation in extreme weather. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) components offer a corrosion resistant material known for low maintenance and longevity and are factory-assembled in our ISO certified facility. FRP composite technology sustainably lowers the lifetime cost of ownership and combats increased utility rates by saving water and electricity. Tower Tech has led the industry since 1989 with its patented smart cooling systems.