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The Nixon Group to Represent Oxyset Mobile Brazing and Soldering System

The Nixon Group is proud to introduce a new line the company is representing. The Oxyset kit is a pioneering product, designed specifically for gas and water system technicians. It is an easy to operate portable brazing system that uses disposable gas cylinders.

Ambro Oxyset mobile brazing kitThe Oxyset is ideal for highly-mobile contractors or for working in hard-to-reach areas with the easy-carry cylinder stand. This kit is suitable for various applications using Oxygen and MapPro including brazing, soldering and heating.

If you have ever had to cart a full oxy-acetylene kit up a ladder, into an attic or roof or any hard to reach site, then you’ll love this lightweight brazing system. The lightweight and small size of the Bromic Oxyset combined with excellent flame performance generated from pre-filled high pressure oxygen and MapPro fuel cylinders make it an ideal solution for working in tricky locations.

The kit includes: Trade specification MapPro regulator with flow gauge, Oxygen regulator with content and pressure out gauge, Check valves for the regulator and the 6.5 ft twin hose assembly, Torch, 2 Nozzles, Flint sparker, Portable lightweight and compact cylinder rack.

About The Nixon Group

Our reputation for innovation reaches back to 1978. We have since grown to become an international leader that designs, manufactures, and distributes a diverse range of quality, technologically advanced, innovative products on a global scale.

New to the US market, we aim to become the professional choice for innovative industrial and HVAC equipment. Our expertise revolves around gas based tools & applications. Product design and quality are specifically engineered for professional environments so that contractors can rely on our great products to get their job done.

Contact The Nixon Group at 678-432-3042 or visit www.thenixongroupllc.com.