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AccuAir Introduces New Bard QC Chilled Water Unit Ventilator Model

AccuAir, Inc., a Bard heating and cooling systems specialist and distributor serving educational and commercial customers throughout Florida, has announced the introduction of a new Bard QC model to its Chilled Water Single Zone (SZ), Variable Air Volume (VAV) product line.

The Bard QC Chilled Water Single-Zone VAV System provides ultimate zoning with individual room temperature and humidity control
The Bard QC Chilled Water Single-Zone VAV System provides ultimate zoning with individual room temperature and humidity control

As Frank Suranyi, AccuAir’s Engineered Products Manager, points out, the SZ-VAV system is not a new concept but the updated Bard QC Chilled Water Unit was developed in response to input from Florida school districts currently using Bard products.

“We are always soliciting our customers for ways to better our offerings and Bard incorporated several exclusive features into the QC model, making it a superior product choice for improving space conditions and reducing energy consumption in classrooms, assembly halls and other large areas requiring cooling, heating, ventilation and humidity control,” Frank stated.
The exclusive features of the Bard QC Chilled Water Unit include total enthalpy energy recovery (ERV), per ASHRAE 62.1 and the Florida Building Code, with a positive shut-off ventilation damper in the wall sleeve.

Other exclusive features are the now available 277/1/60 voltage and the programmable blower motor using 0 – 10 VDC input for SZ VAV control.

Additional benefits of the impressive Bard QC Chilled Water Unit include:

  • Space-saving: floor mounted, vertical, indoor unit that fits neatly by an exterior wall with an aesthetic small outdoor louver for ventilation.
  • Ease of installation: a single packaged unit with factory mounted chilled water coil, variable speed blower, electric heating, integral energy recovery ventilator and a duct free supply plenum.
  • Quiet enough for the smallest classroom yet powerful enough for large office spaces, community and civic halls, places of worship and other facilities.
  • Retrofitting existing buildings is a snap using an existing window opening to provide intake/exhaust for fresh air ventilation.
  • Independent adjustment to supply and exhaust air CFM, room pressurization to limit outdoor air infiltration.
  • Custom color finishes for the ventilation louver and hurricane rating if required.
  • Occupancy based control of outside air provides precise ventilation to each classroom.
  • Highly efficient AHRI Certified Energy Recovery reduces energy costs and increases comfort while meeting ventilation requirements.
  • Variable-Speed Fan: Precise CFM airflow in each mode of operation for optimal comfort level and precise temperature control. Fan speed control and modulation is provided with a digital input from 3rd party controls.
  • Factory installed two way or three-way valve or field installed modulating control valve.
  • When paired with a modulating water valve the Single Zone VAV control sequence provides precise temperature and humidity control.
  • Superior dehumidification at part load conditions compared to multi-zone or constant volume VAV systems.
  • Low energy use at part load due to fan energy savings and significant reduction in reheat.
  • Easily integrates into every DDC communication system.
  • Available voltages; 115-1PH, 230-1PH, 277-1PH.
    For additional information and or design assistance please contact:
    Frank Suranyi, MBA, MEMBER ASHRAE, Engineered Products Manager, AccuAir, Inc., 407-259-0089, www.accuaironline.com.