AmRad’s Turbo®200 and Turbo®200X motor-run capacitors with CPT Technology.

AmRad Introduces Innovative Motor-Run Capacitor Compressor Protector Terminal

May 30, 2020

AmRad Engineering, the oldest film capacitor manufacturing company in the world that is still owned and operated by the founding family, has introduced their innovative motor-run capacitor compressor terminal for use with all hard start kits.

The patented Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT) is a separate terminal on the motor-run capacitor, designed specifically as the attachment point for all hard-start kits currently available on the market, including 3-wire models and the Turbo Easy-Start “5”. The popularity of hard-start kits has had the unintended consequence of increased early life compressor failure related to motor-run capacitor failure.

AmRad’s Turbo®200 and Turbo®200X motor-run capacitors with CPT Technology.
AmRad’s Turbo®200 and Turbo®200X motor-run capacitors with CPT Technology.

During research, AmRad engineers saw that hard-start kits have enough capacitance to start the compressor without the motor-run capacitor attached. Hard-start kits are connected directly to the very terminals the compressors are attached to. In the event of capacitor failure, the capacitor’s terminals act as a terminal block, and the hard-start kit is STILL directly connected to the compressor. The compressor will restart every time the thermostat requests it, but without the motor-run capacitor in the circuit. Compressors are NOT designed to run without the motor-run capacitor and will quickly overheat causing refrigerant pressures to increase significantly and will be quickly damaged when run in that manner. The CPT breaks this connection, separating the hard-start kit from the compressor and preventing the hard-start kit from damaging the compressor by acting as a kill switch to take the hard-start out of the system in the event of a failed capacitor.

AmRad’s motor-run capacitors with CPT Technology can be used in any air-conditioner where a hard-start kit is being used. The CPT will isolate the compressor from the hard-start kit in such a way that the hard-start kit WILL NOT restart the compressor later.

Installation is simple. With the orange colored Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT™) clearly marked and ready to install with any Hard-Start Kit/BOOSTER System. Simply attach one wire from the Hard-Start Kit to the CPT™, the other wire to the “Herm”.

There are currently no similar products on the market. Using AmRad’s capacitor with CPT technology ensures that the compressor will never be at risk of premature failure caused by repeated hard-start kit related compressor restarts that will occur after motor-run capacitor failure.

AmRad Engineering backs up their cutting-edge products with a 5 year, no questions asked warranty and a unique twist to customer service. They offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, live factory support. Every product label has two phone numbers for contractors to call if they have a question. “The weekend number is my cell phone and I’m always happy to speak to service technicians”, said Vice President Richard Stockman.

American Radionic Company, better known today as AmRad Engineering, was founded in 1939 in Brooklyn, NY and relocated to Palm Coast, Florida in 1987. It has been awarded over 45 significant patents and trademarks across multiple industries along the way, most recently 9 patents for the Turbo Series of products.

Proud of their “Made-in-America” heritage, the company declares “We offer factory tours and you don’t need a passport to visit!”

Exclusively represented in the United States by master distributor Global the Source, AmRad products are available at most HVAC/R wholesaler locations.

For more information on AmRad and the Turbo Series of products, visit or call 800-445-6033 or Global The Source at or call 800-531-5967.