AquaMotion Introduces Aqua-Shield Outdoor Circulator for Use with Outdoor Installed Tankless Heater Recirculation Systems

November 07, 2018

In the Southern Tier of the US, Tankless Heaters are installed outdoors to save on the expensive air intake and exhaust system. The Aqua-Shield™ recirculation pump can be installed outdoors next to the tankless. The homeowner now has a greater choice of models without built-in pumps at more competitive prices. The heater manufacturers can now use smaller enclosures without the difficult to service built-in pumps. The external Aqua-Shield™ pump can easily be serviced by any installer.


Aqua-Shield™ Terminal Box is available for all AM1,3,5,6,7,10 and R single and 3 speed pumps. It is water resistant, bug resistant, freeze protected, fully automatic with Timers and built-in Aquastats or can be used with Aqua-ON DEMAND™ ON CALL™ system, has Anti-tampering locking features, timer visibility or solid cover, pump mounting in any position with Terminal box always in upright position and space for OEM branding.

This recirculation system provides instant hot water comfort and saves up to 15,000 gallons of water per year. US Designed, US built, 100% tested, NSF372 approved. Pumps are covered by 3 US and 2 Canadian Patents and Aqua-Shield™ Invention Patent pending. Introduction at AHR 2019, AquaMotion booth B1107.

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