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Thinking Out Loud: Are “F” Words Really Necessary Today?

I have been thinking about all the “F” words going around and I thought I would like to use a few myself.

Bruce Heberle
Bruce Heberle

Years ago, there was a radio commenter, Earl Pitts, American, who had this kind of humorous thought for the day. He came on late in the day, around drive time, and always had an interesting take on events of the day. It was FUNNY and usually “on point.” He is retired now, but he always finished by saying: “Wake up, America, this is Earl Pitts, American! He was always so FUNNY!

I grew up in a large FAMILY in rural Missouri. We always had FRIENDS around and socialized equally with both adults and children. FAITH was important to my parents and thus is to me. As an industry that serves the community, we rely on all three of these “F” words for our FUTURE.

Growing up it was okay to have FUN, just make sure there was no more work to do. Many of you chose this career because you like the FLEXIBILITY it provides. The FRUITS of your labor can be seen at the end of the day and that is simply a FACT.

Since Dad was a politician, periodically running for re-election, we enjoyed being FESTIVE and going to church socials during the summer. I am hooked on homemade ice cream to this day and cannot pass up the opportunity when presented. As a kid, it was FUN and exciting to be a part of these social events.

As FARMERS we had to be FLEXIBLE because our success was dependent on the weather. We had to remember that Mother Nature was in control of the environment, not us. We learned our economic FUTURE and successful FOOD crop was tied directly to how much rain and sun we received. Some years the crops FLOURISHED, other years they FLOUNDERED or FAILED; either way, there was always FOOD on the table and the knowledge something more powerful than us was in charge. I always felt FORTUNATE to be where I was, even where I am today. I FEEL I have been truly blessed.

Many of my FRIENDS served our country in the military. Others serve as police officers. Dad did both. Without exception all believed that FREEDOM is not FREE. We must be willing to FIGHT for our beliefs when called upon.

Yes, there are a lot of “F” words being thrown around. We can FLOURISH during this time or wither on the vine. That is the FREEDOM our FOREFATHERS FOUGHT and died for. Of all the F words being used, these are my five most important: FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM, FOOD and FRIENDS. What are yours?

See you next month.