The VANGOGH360 provides portability with the power, quality and consistency of HVAC scenting.
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AROMA360 IAQ Scent Technology Systems Now Available to US HVAC Distributors and Contractors

January 11, 2019

AROMA360, the leading US manufacturer of Cold- air diffusion Scent Technology systems is pleased to announce the availability of their proven Indoor Air Quality product line to the US HVAC trade for distribution. AROMA360 systems are designed for both the residential and commercial HVAC markets such as hotels, spas, medical/dental offices, restaurants, car dealerships, fitness centers, country clubs, and office buildings. HVAC profit margins are excellent.

The VANGOGH360 provides portability with the power, quality and consistency of HVAC scenting.
The VANGOGH360 provides portability with the power, quality and consistency of HVAC scenting.

AROMA360 Scent systems are installed in central HVAC units by licensed HVAC contractors with up to 6,000 sq. ft. area coverage. Additionally, Aroma360 portable Scent systems are available to enhance and complement HVAC mini-split ductless applications. AROMA360 systems are highly effective in both warm and cold climates and absolutely not harmful to HVAC systems.

What separates AROMA360 from competitors is the unique and proprietary oil blends that do not leave any residue behind. This is tied to Cold-air diffusion technology that produces dry, chemical-free nano particles. These ultra-quiet systems are very low maintenance and Aroma360 systems can be pre-set to customers specific needs.

All AROMA360 oil blends are IFRA compliant, hypoallergenic with no chemicals. Most scent competitors use synthetic cartridges and plug-ins with chemicals and heat is involved in the diffusion process unlike AROMA360 Scent systems.

“We are excited to now be offering our Cold-air diffusion scent product line to the US HVAC trade for distribution,” says Anthony Forina, VP HVAC Strategic Solutions for ARO- MA360. There is a vast residential and commercial HVAC market for our Scent technology product line and we look forward to working with HVAC distributors and contractors to meet the growing US market demand.”

Essential Oils take the best parts of natural elements for use. Like the plants they come from, Aroma360’s essential oils based fragrances provide health benefits with their natural antibacterial properties, maintained through cold air diffusion.

Gary Moody, Manufacturers Representative for Aroma360 adds “we would also like to partner with other HVAC manufacturers to complement their products such as UV light for coil disinfection, mini split ductless or central ducted installs or even smart products. Con- tractors that offer duct cleaning can also benefit by including AROMA360 scent systems as an after sale as part of their services. AROMA360 Cold-air diffusion scent technology is the healthiest scenting solution available and provides a very pleasant and comforting indoor air environment experience.”

For AROMA360 HVAC Distributor and Contractor pricing and product specification information please contact: Anthony Forina, VP HVAC Strategic Solutions at 561-352-4179, or Gary Moody, Manufacturers Representative at 561-410-8452,