Richard D. Watson

ASHRAE Presents the Exceptional Service Award at the Association’s Summer Meeting

September 10, 2019

Richard D. Watson, President of SSHC, Inc. and manufacturer of Enerjoy® Radiant Heat, has been presented with an Exceptional Service Award from the American Association of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) at the association’s Summer Meeting.

Richard D. Watson
Richard D. Watson

In addition to ASHRAE, Mr. Watson has been an active member in many organizations including Radiant Panel Association, Affordable Comfort Conference, Energy Efficient Building Association and New England Sustainable Energy Association. He served as Chair, ASHRAE Technical Committees responsible for Radiant Heating and Cooling and In-Space Convection Heating; is a member of the Congress-mandated Energy Standard 90.1 Project Committee, Mechanical Subcommittee; and a member of TAG 205, International Standards Harmonization.

Richard is co-author of McGraw-Hill’s Radiant Heating and Cooling Handbook, and co-developed the ABOVE® (Actual Building Occupant (Comfort) Verification Efficiency®) Building Design Program. Richard has authored numerous articles for Radiant Living, ASHRAE Journal, Fine Home Building, Contractor Magazine, PM Engineering, and others ASHRAE peer-reviewed papers involving joint participation and co-authorship with Mr. Watson include: The Significance of Comparative Heating System Cost Analysis for Small Residential Buildings Based Upon Review of Habitat Home Data, Radiant Panel Surface Temperature over a Range of Ambient Temperatures, Thermal Comfort Analysis Using BCAP for Retrofitting a Radiantly Heated Residence, The Impact of Heating Systems on Wall Surface Temperatures, and An Evaluation of Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption for a Surface-Mounted Radiant Panel Heating System.

SSHC Inc.’s technology for Enerjoy Radiant Panels was selected by the U. S. DOE as Energy Related Invention #34 under the Advanced Housing Technology Program. In a research project jointly conducted by the U.S. DOE and National Homebuilders Association, Enerjoy Radiant panels provided energy savings of 52% over baseboard electric heat and 33% over the air-to-air heat pump.

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