Aaron Murph, B&B Refrigeration

B&B Refrigeration Mobile Announces Hiring of Aaron Murph

January 20, 2021

Arlen Murph of B&B Refrigeration of Mobile, Alabama is pleased to announce that Aaron Murph has re-joined B&B Refrigeration in the Sales and Purchasing department. He is the third generation to work at the company founded by his father, Arvin back in 1977.

Aaron Murph, B&B Refrigeration
Aaron Murph

Aaron has over 13 years of experience in the refrigeration and HVAC industries. He started his refrigeration career at B&B at quite a young age and then took a position with a national distribution company. While he learned a lot working for the corporate firm, he is glad to be back working for B&B where he can utilize the knowledge he has learned throughout his career.

B&B Refrigeration is a specialty supply house that primarily services the Commercial, Industrial and Marine Refrigeration business. They are located at 660 Holcombe Avenue in Mobile, Alabama. Their telephone number is 800-633-1298 and the fax line is 251-470-0750. Aarons email address is [email protected]. Give Aaron or Arlen a call to see how B&B Refrigeration can help.