Fred Martel

Between the Lines: A Matter of Trust

November 21, 2020

By Fred Martel

Fred Martel

There is little doubt that winning over a new customer requires establishing credibility. One method commonly used is story telling. When asked “what makes your company different,” some salespeople describe their methods as compared to the competition. It is the foundation of what should lead to trust and loyalty.

Telling the credibility story suggests that you and your competitors are more equal than different. This is called expected credibility. People expect you would not be in business if you could not provide the typical credibility story. You have not set yourself apart with this approach. Drawing out objections and closing the sale is tedious when you are comparing yourself to the competition and describing what you’ve done for other customers.

Establishing solid credibility requires preparation and thought-provoking questions. Expected credibility is what you know about your business and your solution. What you know about your customers, their individual job responsibilities, their business objectives and performance, and their challenges demonstrates that you have a genuine interest in serving their needs.

The bottom line is that you sell more by talking less. Engaging the customer’s participation by answering questions about their qualifications and needs and applying your products and expertise as solutions sets you apart and establishes a foundation for a solid relationship. Closing the sale is made simple by establishing your credibility through a professional approach to solving problems and offering real solutions in simple terms.