Danny Keating

Bizarro World

July 25, 2020

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider

Am I the only person who feels like I have been sent to Bizarro World? The definition of Bizarro World being “A world where everything is the exact opposite. Up is down, first is last, good is bad, wrong is right, white is black, logical is illogical, giving is taking, insanity is sane, liberty is tyranny, and vice versa. It’s a place where literally, the sky is forest green and the trees are sky blue.”

Danny Keating

I wake up in the morning, but I cannot watch the news because it truly is “fake news.” I can get misinformation, but I cannot get accurate information about what is actually going on locally or nationally. Everything has a ‘spin’ attached to it.

We are told to wear masks and then we are told the masks do not really work because they are not the proper quality to be effective. We are still told and in some cases mandated to wear them.

Because of Covid 19 we cannot gather to go to church, but we are allowed to hold peaceful demonstrations without fear of spreading the virus. Peaceful demonstrations are actually violent riots resulting in deaths and destruction of property.

Our children are not allowed to go to school, but we are expected to fund the schools, nonetheless.

We are told Black Lives Matter, but only if a policeman takes the black life does it matter. Also, it seems like the “victims” all have lengthy police records and are involved in some ‘less than normal’ activity at the time of their deaths at the hands of the police. We are also told that saying Black Lives Matter is normal yet saying All Lives Matter is racist.

The NFL will now play a Black National Anthem before their games, which is supposed to help to fight racism. Drew Brees apologized for saying “he will never agree with anyone disrespecting the flag.” Colin Kaepernick is somehow compared to Pat Tillman in hero status. These are truly Bizarro World happenings.

We have millionaire athletes preaching to us how unfair and racist our country is. These same millionaires tell us that we are racists as we pay to watch them play their sport.

Politicians who have been in office for forty years are telling us that our President is causing problems that have been around for over fifty years. Somehow the President is responsible for events that are taking place in cities that have been run by democrats for over sixty years. Nothing seems logical.

Ilhan Omar, a refugee from Somali, is elected to the US Congress and claims our country is evil and racist. Her campaign paid nearly $1 million dollars to her husband’s firm, yet she says capitalism is evil and unfair as she profits from it.

We need identification to perform all sorts of menial tasks to make purchases but are told we should not have to show our ID in order to vote. In fact, we are told we should have mail in voting.

I think I could go on forever, but I also think that I am preaching to the choir, because our industry is made up of hard working self-made men and women who are not buying what being sold to us by the mainstream media and by our politicians. We are not buying the “privilege” aspect either, since so many of us had the “privilege” of working in hot attics in our younger years.

I am thankful I was born and raised in the USA. I just hope my fellow citizens recognize the importance of what is happening and unite as the silent majority to bring our country back to some semblance of normalcy. This Bizarro World cannot last much longer without causing permanent harm to our great nation.

I love the USA!