Bruce Widener congratulated by Gov. Brian Kemp along with Ashley Widener
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Bruce Widener to Officially Retire from CAAG

July 07, 2021

As many of you know I will be officially retired from CAAG on July 1, 2021, after 41 years! When Earl Smith, Bob Kesterton and I met for lunch 41 years ago to talk about forming a state association of HVAC contractors, none of us knew what could be accomplished. Who knew? Where did the time go? Now we are admired by HVAC and other trade associations around the country! I really think we have accomplished a lot and I’m proud of that.

Bruce Widener congratulated by Gov. Brian Kemp along with Ashley Widener
Bruce Widener congratulated by Gov. Brian Kemp along with Ashley Widener

The best thing I could do for CAAG was recommend Tucker Green to take my place. I honestly believe that he will make the perfect replacement.

I will continue to be available at least one year to help Tucker adjust and continue to learn. There is no way to teach someone in 1 year, 41 years of institutional knowledge. CAAG is, and will always be, my baby! I have managed it and loved it like my own company. I hope all you know how much CAAG means to me. Ashley always said that I had a special place in my heart for each of you since my dad was a small roofing contractor. I felt your pains and heartaches. I worked for many of your fathers and now see the 3rd generation with your kids in the business. Again, where did the years go? I will continue to do whatever I can to help Tucker succeed because I want CAAG to continue to prosper and help improve the industry for each of you. I’ve told Tucker that I hope he goes to work every day and says, like I did, “What can I do today to help CAAG Members?” Not only are members of CAAG clients / customers, you are real FRIENDS! There is no question that many of you are true, life long friends that I will continue to cherish for my entire life.

There are way too many members to thank for all you have done over the years for ME, CAAG and the industry but certainly all the past presidents, officers and directors are among those. I want to say from the bottom of my heart that it has been a real pleasure to work with all of you! At the past conference when Elaine Powers read the resolution the Legislature passed for me I was overcome with emotion. CAAG Members and all my legislative friends all mean so much to me. Many of you have my cell phone on speed dial! Keep it there but also call Tucker first at 770-689-9988. I may be on the golf course or shooting range but Tucker should be available. Perhaps the Board and Tucker will invite Ashley and me to future Annual Conferences to help with registration and logistics. Tucker says he will push me around in a wheel chair! I hope to see each of you at the 2022 Annual Conference March 31- April 2, in Savannah for sure! Do not ever hesitate to call me if I can help in any way! Love you all, Bruce.