Trane Boot Camp

Butcher Distributors Hosts Trane Boot Camp

May 27, 2019

Butcher Distributors recently hosted Trane Boot Camp, the final class on the 2018-2019 training calendar. The Boot Camp, instructed by Raud Hampton, is designed to help boost residential HVAC sales and profits and teaches employees how to overcome homeowner objections.

Trane Boot Camp
Trane Boot Camp

During the 4-day boot camp participants practiced maximizing their selling success at the kitchen table; learned a proven, time-tested sales process that delivers immediate results; and learned to ask the 2 simple questions that eliminate more than 50% of objections. On the final day of class, each participant role-played a selling scenario and implemented the selling process they learned earlier in the week. Each participant received a video of their role-play and each received instant feedback from classmates and from Mr. Hampton.

After 4 days of training, participants had a simple, repeatable sales process designed to help in understanding customer concerns, understanding how to match a customer’s comfort system to the benefits they seek, and closing the sale! Participants left the boot camp armed with the tools needed to increase their closing rates and have a successful, profitable summer.

Butcher Distributors hosts Boot Camp annually. For more information on the Trane Boot Camp, please contact one of Butcher Distributors eight territory managers.