Sarah Grimball with the Butcher Training Calendar.

Butcher Releases their Training Calendar

September 16, 2019

Butcher Distributors released its much-anticipated training calendar, supporting Trane Dealers who want to plan ahead.

Sarah Grimball with the Butcher Training Calendar.
Sarah Grimball with the Butcher Training Calendar.

The Butcher Distributors’ Training Calendar was released in August so that Trane Dealers can plan ahead. Butcher is nationally recognized for offering a comprehensive calendar of sales, technical, and business training for Trane Dealers. As summer winds down, Butcher University will be opening its doors with dozens of classes for everyone; sales, technical, and business training will be available. Butcher University is Training for Success. Butcher Distributors takes a personal interest in assisting its Trane dealers in becoming successful businesses that are built for long-term stability and profitability. This is a true differentiation for their customers in both Louisiana and Mississippi.

Butcher Distributors’ classes start with a private Trane/Mitsubishi Electric M & P Series Installation & Service Essentials class in Dallas, TX; dealers will get hands on experience and learn theory of properly applying, installing, and troubleshooting M-& P- Series systems. Other classes include Gas Heat Foundation, Planning for Profit Workshop, a Selling Tech class with Charlie Greer, Variable Speed Outdoor training, Trane Factory Experience, and more.

When asked why the training calendar is always released so early in August, Butcher Distributors’ Dave Falgoust stated, “Knowledge of these finalized sessions allows Trane Dealers to plot their business and personnel growth, as well as prepare for the next busy season. This gives Trane Dealers a competitive advantage over the competition in their markets.”

If you are interested in attending any of these classes, contact a Butcher Territory Manager.