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CAAG Conditioned Air Association of Georgia Legislative Report

By: Tucker Green, Associate Director

Tucker Green
Tucker Green

The 2021 regular legislative session wrapped up on March 31st. The Senate adjourned around midnight and the House carried over into April 1st by about half an hour. Unfortunately, our bill (HB302) did not pass through the Senate on its own or by substitute on another bill. This is for no particular reason, but simply raw politics. The House and Senate were at odds over the last couple weeks and refused to hold many committee meetings which killed many bills for this year. Therefore, HB302 was never heard in the Senate Finance Committee. This setback required us to search for other compatible bills to try and use as a vehicle. We had several possibilities for a vehicle including HB317, but again due to politics it did not pan out before the session ended. On the positive side, HB 302 advanced further than any past bills that similarly addressed regulatory fees. Our bill has still passed the House and since this is the first year of the two-year session, we will be able to pick up next year right where we left off in the Senate Finance Committee. I have had several positive conversations with Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Hufstetler and feel good about him hearing our bill next year. Nonetheless, he and I will be continuing our conversations in the off season. Additionally, no legislation passed that will have major impacts on our industry. There is some with minor implications that are mostly positive or a neutral effect. Please see the latest legislative list below for session end results with a very brief synopsis. Reach out with any questions or concerns or if you would like a copy of any bill. Be sure to continue talking to your legislators about HB 302 during the year when you see them around town or at local political gatherings! We really appreciate the strong support from many of them like Rep. Martin Momtahan and Rep. Shaw Blackmon! See photo page here.