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CAAG to Host 4th Annual “CAAG Cup” 2020 Golf Tournament on March 20

January 20, 2020

By Bruce Widener

The Annual CAAG Conference will host the 4th Annual “CAAG Cup Golf Tournament” complete with winners’ trophies and cash prizes!

Savannah Harbor Golf Course

The tournament will be played on Friday morning beginning at 7:30 a.m. at “The Club,” Savannah Harbor Golf Course. This is the course across the river at the Westin Hotel. Golf is also available on Thurs. and Saturday but will not be part of the tournament. You MUST sign up in advance for each day you wish to play!

Instead of everyone simply playing golf and giving the winners golf balls, it is a real tournament with the winners taking home cold, hard cash and a trophy!

Depending on the number of players, it is expected to pay out (approximate):

  • 1st place $900,
  • 2nd place $425,
  • 3rd place $200,
  • 6 prizes @$50 each: long drive, straightest drive, 4 close ups.

The trophies will be passed each year at the conference from winners from the last year to the new winners!

The fees are higher this year due to the cost of the green fees at this championship course!

  • $430 – 2 man team with Mulligans (2 per person),
  • $370 – 2 man team with NO Mulligans,
  • $220 – 1 player with 2 Mulligans,
  • $190 – 1 player with NO Mulligans.

If you would like to help sponsor the Tournament and be listed as a sponsor, the fee is $150. If you can donate golf balls, tees or towels, please let us know.

To register go to and to “Events.” When you register, the team leader can register for the tournament and pay the entry fee for the team or each player can register and pay individually.

If you have any questions, please email or call Bruce Widener at or 678-296-2130.