Bruce Heberle

New Product Training and Alabama Continuing Education Requirements

January 21, 2020

By Bruce Heberle, Director of Alabama HVAC Insider

As technology changes, especially with improvements in HVAC products, contractors will require additional training to understand how products operate in a more efficient manner. Whether it is smart thermostats, more efficient motors, or accessory products run by apps on our phones, new technology is here to stay and our industry needs training to be able to sell and service these 21st century products.

In Alabama, continuing education is a requirement for maintaining license certification. HVAC contractors are required to earn 4 approved continuing education hours every year to maintain that license. Even though CE hours are required, learning as much as possible about new products should be the norm and not the exception to grow any successful HVAC business.

Fortunately, there are several ways to earn CE credits in Alabama. Many distributors offer CE hours at their locations and thus is an inexpensive way for the contractor to earn CE credits. Often, the training company can offer morning sessions, lunch and learns or dinner meetings to meet contractor needs.

Trade associations are another way to earn CE hours. Sometimes, training events are held in conjunction with monthly meetings, are usually well attended and timely for the industry.

Utilities are yet another option to earn approved CE hours. These companies usually hold training events at their in-house training centers.

Finally, you can check out training events at to earn CE hours that qualify for Alabama credits at their training locations.

Why not ask your HVAC supplier what training events they will be hosting in 2020? Inform the branch manager what kind of training you have an interest in. Many times, the manager can ask his suppliers to provide the training his customers are interested in. That training also helps the contractor meet the state license CE requirements. Sounds like a win/win, doesn’t it?