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Continental Fan’s TEK Impellers

Continental Fan’s TEK Impellers combine precision injection molding techniques with modern high strength plastics to produce a wheel that is stronger than steel, yet half its weight. These durable, backward curved airfoil impellers deliver fan performance approaching aerodynamic perfection. TEK Impellers are used in many OEM applications, and are incorporated in Continental Fan’s complete fan assemblies, including TCD Blowers, TEK Plenum & Plug Fans, TFD Blowers, and TNC Cooling Fans. TEK Impellers and matching inlet… Read More

Haier’s Innovative New Pearl Range

The new range of Pearl air conditioning units from Haier HVAC Solutions sets the standard for comfort cooling and heating. The range offers greater protection against airborne health hazards, features innovative self-clean technology and comes with an in-built wi-fi module giving the user complete flexibility and control. The stylish, new Pearl ac unit from Haier HVAC Solutions The modern, stylish design is available in a crisp, matt white finish and is a perfect solution for… Read More

AccuAir Introduces New Bard QC Chilled Water Unit Ventilator Model

AccuAir, Inc., a Bard heating and cooling systems specialist and distributor serving educational and commercial customers throughout Florida, has announced the introduction of a new Bard QC model to its Chilled Water Single Zone (SZ), Variable Air Volume (VAV) product line. The Bard QC Chilled Water Single-Zone VAV System provides ultimate zoning with individual room temperature and humidity control As Frank Suranyi, AccuAir’s Engineered Products Manager, points out, the SZ-VAV system is not a new… Read More

AAF Flanders Portable Air Purification System Adds a Layer of Protection Against Viruses

Studies confirm commercial air filters reduce the spread of airborne viruses. When a person sneezes, coughs or speaks, tiny airborne droplets that could contain viruses not only travel many feet, but can spread through the HVAC system to all areas inside buildings. To provide an additional layer of protection against viruses, American Air Filter, Co. Inc., and its subsidiary Flanders Corp (AAF Flanders), a subsidiary of Daikin Industries, developed AstroPureTM a portable air filtration system. AstroPure… Read More

FläktGroup SEMCO Offers a New Phase in the Elite Series

FläktGroup SEMCO is introducing a new phase in the Elite Series. The FläktGroup SEMCO Elite Series provides superior indoor air quality and energy recovery in an affordable compact design. The design addresses the industry need of providing humidity control while also acting as part of an integrated system, which provides total space conditioning. The Elite Series is exceptional at humidity control — humidity control that competitors struggle to deliver. To achieve this, the outdoor air… Read More

Nitto Launches DX-8208A: An Innovative Gas Detection Product for Proactive Safety Improvement

Nitto, Inc. (a US Subsidiary of Nitto Denko Corporation) today announced the launch of the second product in their gas detection line: Ammonia Detection Tape DX-8208A. The new technology allows for the visual detection of ammonia gas leaks by changing from white to blue when exposed to ammonia gas. Ammonia gas is commonly used in industries such as refrigeration, ice rinks, fertilizer, power generation, chemical production, and pharmaceuticals. The gas is colorless and presents serious… Read More