Colonel Jill Morgenthaler

Connecting, Empowering and Succeeding: the Theme for Our 4th Annual Women in Energy Conference

March 06, 2019

May 19-20th, Hershey Lodge & Convention Center

Join us Sunday, May 19th, for dinner and time with our keynote speaker, Colonel Jill Morgenthaler. Purchasing a ticket for this event is an option and of course, men are welcome!!

Colonel Jill Morgenthaler
Colonel Jill Morgenthaler

Retired Army Colonel Jill Morgenthaler had parallel careers: the military and the STEM industry. In the military, Colonel Jill is a woman of many firsts. She was in the experimental ROTC class (Penn State University) where the Army tested to see if women could train with men and lead men. The experiment was a success! She was a 22-year-old commander along the border of North and South Korea. She was the first woman battalion commander in the 88th Division; and she was the first woman brigade commander in the 84th Division, leading hundreds of Soldiers across six states. In Bosnia, in 1996, Colonel Jill commanded soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen from 17 nations. In Iraq, she faced off with Saddam Hussein. She received the Bronze Star in Iraq, and the Legion of Merit for her leadership.

In the civilian sector, Jill worked for Argonne National Laboratory, a Department of Energy laboratory, for 14 years. Her proudest accomplishment was standing up the Center for Nanoscale Materials. From 2005-2008, Colonel Morgenthaler ran homeland security for Illinois. She worked very closely with the nuclear energy producers to ensure safe access to energy.

McGraw-Hill published her book “The Courage to Take Command: Leadership Lessons from a Military Trailblazer.” She has been a two-time TEDx speaker, and a storyteller on The Moth radio hour. Today, Colonel Jill is a global speaker on leadership, resilience and empowerment.

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Thank you to the Sponsor for this Event, the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association.