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Crescent® Tools Unveiled Evolution of Pipe Wrenches at STAFDA Trade Show

December 13, 2019

There are certain things that a pipe wrench needs to be. But there’s no reason to stop short of what it can be. Crescent® Tools, a premier brand of hand tools under the Apex Tool Group, was proud to unveil its new line of pipe wrenches at the Specialty Tool and Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) trade show from Nov. 10-12 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ideal for professionals in the plumbing, pipe fitter, oil and gas, fire and sprinkler, and MRO industries, Crescent has the right pipe wrench for the job.

Crescent wrenchThe new line boasts 11 products:

  • 10” Cast Iron Straight Pipe Wrench w/ Slim Jaw (CIPW10S)
  • 10” Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench w/ Slim Jaw (CAPW10S)
  • 12” Steel Self-Adjusting Wrench (CPW12S)
  • 12” Steel Self-Adjusting Wrench w/ Grip (CPW12)
  • 14” Cast Iron Straight Pipe Wrench w/ K9 Jaws (CIPW14)
  • 14” Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench w/ K9 Jaws (CAPW14)
  • 14” Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench w/ K9 Jaws & Long Handle (CAPW14L)
  • 18” Cast Iron Straight Pipe Wrench w/ K9 Jaws (CIPW18)
  • 18” Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench w/ K9 Jaws (CAPW18)
  • 16” Steel Self-Adjusting Wrench (CPW16S)
  • 24” Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench (CAPW24L)

Crescent’s patent-pending K9 Angle-Access Jaws™ bite in an arc of 30 degrees—much greater than typical pipe wrench operation limits— for best-in-class access in tight spaces. The aluminum options are more than 40% lighter than cast iron to reduce user fatigue, while the steel self-adjusting pipe wrenches feature a ratcheting head for one-handed use.

For more information, visit Crescent at STAFDA (booth #637) or go to

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