Danfoss Mobile CO2 Training Unit

Danfoss Mobile CO2 Training Unit Extends Its U.S. Tour

January 29, 2019

After tremendous industry response to the Danfoss Mobile CO2 Training Unit in 2018, the unit will extend its stay in the US to give installers, service technicians, and OEM engineers in the Baltimore area another opportunity to receive accessible CO2 refrigeration systems knowledge and training.

Danfoss Mobile CO2 Training Unit
Danfoss Mobile CO2 Training Unit

As applications for CO2 refrigeration systems expand, industry must increase its competences regarding its use. To help address this growing need, Danfoss developed the Mobile CO2 Training Unit in 2016. The training unit blends equipment and components for CO2 solutions, hands-on training panels, and interactive learning modules with on-site instruction by dedicated Danfoss CO2 champions who share their in-depth knowledge of the natural refrigerant’s properties and the opportunities and challenges surrounding the use of CO2.

“Danfoss is a leading provider of CO2 solutions and we encourage the use of the sustainable refrigerants,” said Hans Ole Matthiesen, segment marketing director, food retail, at Danfoss.

The Mobile CO2 Training Unit will be at the Danfoss headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, January 22–24.

The CO2 solutions presented in the mobile training unit range from simple gas-bypass systems to more complex parallel compression solutions with or without heat reclaim. Moreover, the training unit introduces Danfoss’ ejector technology, which industry experts recognize as key in the evolution of transcritical CO2 refrigeration. These ejectors have the potential to enhance the energy efficiency of their systems by up to 20 percent on the hottest days of the year, thereby solving a problem that previously limited the use of transcritical CO2 systems to warmer climates.

Technologies for CO2 refrigeration are still evolving to offer enhanced performance while increasing the ease of use. As these new technologies emerge, the mobile training unit will be constantly updated with new components, know-how, and learning modules to reflect these changes.

To attend the training in Baltimore, sign up today at http://www.bit.ly/CO2Training.