Digital Temperature Sensing Element by E+E Elektronik

June 16, 2022

Austrian sensor manufacturer E+E Elektronik presents its first digital temperature sensing element in the form of the TEE501. It impresses with a measurement accuracy of up to ±0.2 °C and a wide temperature range. The small DFN enclosure with integrated pull-up resistors facilitates the design-in of the sensing element.

Highly accurate and versatile in use

The TEE501 sensing element is suitable for temperature measurement in an operating range of -40 °C to 135 °C. Multi-point temperature adjustment as a factory standard ensures outstanding measurement accuracy of up to ±0.2 °C. The very good measuring performance and excellent repeatability make the sensing element the perfect solution for demanding measurement tasks. The TEE501’s potential uses are versatile and range from building automation and household electronics through to medical devices.

Easy-to-integrate DFN package

The small dual-flat-no-leads (DFN)-enclosure has a footprint of only 2.5 x 2.5 mm2, which means that it can be accommodated in virtually any application. The integrated pull-up resistors additionally facilitate integration with the customer’s design. The sensing element requires a supply voltage of 2.35 – 3.60 V for operations.

Data communication via I2C interface

The I2C interface ensures interference-free data communication with the TEE501, supporting communication speeds of 100 / 400 / 1000 kHz. The measured values are output in a 16-bit integer format and are directly available for downstream processing. Robust I2C interface communication is ensured by a CRC checksum and glitch suppression.

Individually selectable I2C addresses make it possible to operate up to 8 sensing elements on a single I2C bus.