Rob Goodfellow, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions Deepens Commitment to Sustainability

December 10, 2018

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance indoor air quality products, announced that they have recently become a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, an association of colleges and universities working to create a sustainable world. Through its membership in AASHE, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions will be able to better understand and assist higher education institutions in advancing their sustainability initiatives.

Rob Goodfellow, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
Rob Goodfellow

“We are very excited to be part of this association that shares in our belief that sustainability and innovation are key elements in the future of higher education,” according to Rob Goodfellow, Vice President of Marketing for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions.

AASHE enables colleges and universities to meet their sustainability goals by providing specialized resources, professional development, and a network for sharing information about sustainability products and services. Membership covers the entire business or campus, so everyone can take advantage of event discounts, access to member-only resources, and other benefits.

“We believe that everyone plays an important role in advancing sustainability, and we are grateful to have sustainability champions such as Dynamic Air Quality Solutions as part of the AASHE community,” said AASHE Executive Director Meghan Fay Zahniser. “AASHE business members increase access to innovative products and services that are of great value to colleges and universities working to improve their sustainability performance.”

Among AASHE’s major programs is the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS), which provides higher education with a standardized, comprehensive self-assessment instrument. STARS metrics cover every sector of campus, from planning and administration to operations, to education and research. With STARS as a roadmap or guide, institutions can select meaningful and appropriate pathways to sustainability while conserving valuable resources, mitigating global warming, and building healthier communities.

AASHE provides many of its resources free to the public, including a weekly newsletter, AASHE Bulletin, as well as member only resources that include best practices and case studies related to advancing sustainability at college and universities. These can be found in AASHE’s online Resource Center.


AASHE is an association of colleges and universities that are working to create a sustainable future. To further its mission of empowering higher education to lead the sustainability transformation, AASHE provides resources, professional development, and a network of support to enable institutions of higher education to model sustainability in all areas, from governance and operations to education and research.

AASHE defines sustainability in an inclusive way, encompassing human and ecological health, social justice, secure livelihoods, and a better world for all generations. AASHE is a member-driven, independent 501(c)(3).

About Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions manufactures and distributes high-performance indoor air quality products, including high efficiency polarized-media air cleaners, UVC germicidal systems and activated carbon matrix systems for residential and commercial applications. The company’s products are used in applications that range from hospitals and schools to data centers and office buildings. For more information, visit, or connect via Facebook or Twitter.