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Eemax ProSeries XTP Provides On-Demand Hot Water While Lowering Operating Costs for Large-Scale Commercial Facilities

January 07, 2020

Eemax® continues to lead the evolution of hot water with ProSeries XTP, the latest solution in tankless electric water heaters for diverse industrial and commercial installations. According to Consulting-Specifying Engineer[1] Magazine, water heating accounts for between 15 and 35 percent of a commercial building’s energy use, which represents a large portion of operating expenditures. This percentage grows if a facility is using an outdated water heating system.

With water heating in large commercial operations and residential settings traditionally being accomplished through traditional tank storage units, properties are typically heating 50-90 gallon capacity tanks so that there is always a supply available. Since these properties operate for an eight hour period, five days a week, there is no need to heat water outside of operating hours, yet tank units run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, tank units are usually housed in the property’s basement or on the ground floor, and with multi-story buildings, the water has to travel a long way to reach its destination.

ProSeries XTP – the latest in tankless electric water heating technology by Eemax – is a solution to these conundrums, providing on-demand, endless hot water only when needed, reducing water waste and slashing energy consumption. According to[2], making the switch from a storage to a tankless water heater can produce nearly 30 percent energy savings, which can be put back directly into facility upkeep and other areas of building maintenance. Storage water heaters tend to have a 10 to 15-year lifespan, while tankless can last more than 20 years[3] if properly maintained, resulting in a smarter investment.

ProSeries XTP is ideal for commercial and industrial applications that require temperatures up to 180° Fahrenheit with specified flow rates from 0.5 to 20 gallons per minute, including commercial kitchens, factories, hospitals, and gyms. Using breakthrough Adaptive Stability Technology ™comprised of AST-Flex Power and AST-Dynamic Power, ProSeries XTP models provide eXact Thermal Performance in demanding conditions. ProSeries XTP features Adaptive Stability Technology (AST) to assess the heater conditions and shift the unit operation to ensure a consistent and reliable output. This is accomplished with AST-Flex Power and AST-Dynamic Power. AST-Flex Power technology adjusts power applied to individual elements in a staggered manner; this temporarily shifts the power factor between elements. AST-Dynamic Power technology adapts to variable flow situations by adjusting the power factor applied to all elements equally. AST-Flex Power and AST-Dynamic Power allows for a faster time-to-temperature and minimizes overshoot and undershoot. ProSeries XTP delivers unparalleled thermal performance and precision.

Ideal for renovations or new builds, the ProSeries XTP family is comprised of 10 models (Six 3 Chamber Models and Four 6 Chamber Models), all promising  endless hot water, exact thermal performance, and simple installation. The future of hot water has arrived. No more standby heat loss from heating a large storage tank and the higher costs that go with it!

Self-diagnostics with intelligent controls actively protect the heater in the installed environment. SafeStart™ technology engages upon start-up to help avoid dry-fire occurrence. Self-modulating technology saves energy and eliminates standby heat loss by activating the heater only on demand. ProSeries XTP also features an industry-leading, digital LED display with an easily navigated user interface. It communicates detailed system status and operation feedback without the need to open the unit up for troubleshooting.

Eemax ProSeries XTP video image

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