Emerson Copeland Scroll KA compressor model ZF03.

Emerson Adds Three New Models to Copeland Scroll™ KA Compressor Lineup

March 06, 2019

Emerson (NYSE: EMR) today announced it will release three additional models to its Copeland Scroll KA compressor lineup in 2019: the ZF06KA, ZF09KA and ZS20KA. The ZF*KA model compressors are meant for low-temperature refrigeration applications, while the ZS*KA model compressors are designed for extended medium- to high-temperature refrigeration applications.

Emerson Copeland Scroll KA compressor model ZF03.
Emerson Copeland Scroll KA compressor model ZF03.

The addition of these three new capacity models extends the product offering breadth for low- and extended medium-temperature applications:

  • Low-temperature – ZF03, ZF04, ZF05, ZF06 (new), ZF07, ZF09 (new)
  • Extended medium-temperature – ZS09, ZS11, ZS13, ZS15, ZS19, ZS20 (new), ZS21, ZS26, ZS29, ZS33
  • Medium-temperature – ZB06, ZB07, ZB08

The ZF06KA and ZS20KA will be available in the spring of 2019, and the ZF09KA will be available in the fall of 2019.

“It’s our responsibility to continue to innovate and bring our customers products that help match their application needs,” said Phil Moeller, vice president of product management, Emerson. “As the refrigeration industry changes and grows even more complex, we plan to continue to expand our product offerings to help our customers adjust to turbulent regulatory times.”

ZS*KA models are intended for extended medium temperature refrigeration type duty. They are ideally suited for walk-in, reach-in, cooler, soft serve and frozen carbonated beverage-type applications and operate 8 to 22 percent more efficiently than standard reciprocating compressors with 70 percent fewer moving parts.

ZF*KA models are intended for low-temperature refrigeration type duty and are ideally suited for applications such as walk-in freezers and reach-ins. ZF*KA models are wide-ranging, multi-refrigerant capable with lower sound and vibration, and are intended for use in supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores.

The ZF*KA, low-temperature compressors were recently recognized with the AHR Expo’s Innovation Award in the refrigeration category as well as the Dealer Design Gold Award in the refrigeration and ice machines category earlier this year.

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