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Expo Hall Sells Out in 7-Days

May 08, 2024

Hello HVAC,

The 2025 National HVACR Education Conference, organized by HVAC Excellence, saw its exhibits sell out within just 7 days of opening registration on May 1st, showcasing a strong understanding among manufacturers and leading organizations of the pivotal role education plays in the HVACR industry’s success.

With exhibit space sold out nearly a year in advance, the HVAC Excellence team can now focus on curating another exceptional HVACR boot camp, building on the success of the 2024 conference that featured over 100 hands-on sessions, lectures, exhibitions, and round table discussions. As always, HVAC Excellence will launch a portal for backup exhibitor applications should there be any changes. In addition, they have a number of great sponsorship opportunities available.

Looking ahead, HVAC Excellence is actively seeking subject matter experts across various topics to enhance the understanding of emerging technologies among HVACR educators, trainers, and industry professionals at their upcoming conference March 16-19, 2025. However, the deadline for submitting session proposals is August 15, 2024.

For HVACR educators, trainers, and professionals, reliable support is crucial for a successful training program. Look no further than the champions of HVACR education (the exhibitors) for new equipment, trainers, controls, tools, test instruments, or curriculum when your in need.

We invite everyone interested in expanding their knowledge and gaining firsthand insights to join us from March 16-19, 2025, for the premier event in HVACR technology and innovation. Together, we can pave a brighter future in HVACR.