FabricAir 2020 catalog

FabricAir 2021 “Smart Air Solutions” Catalog/Design Guide Showcases Fabric HVAC Duct Trends

September 28, 2020

FabricAir®, Lawrenceville, Ga., the original manufacturer of fabric HVAC duct, has released the 2021 version of “Smart Air Solutions” a fabric air dispersion and accessories catalog/design guide for North American architects, designers, engineers, HVAC contractors and facility managers. The publication is now available for free download at https://www.fabricair.com/catalogs.

FabricAir 2020 catalogThe 76-page publication is both a comprehensive catalogue of FabricAir’s custom product solution capabilities, and a design guide featuring installation ideas for education, agriculture, hospitality, retail, hospital, industrial and other commercial applications with open architectural ceilings. More than 200 color photos and illustrations help detail air dispersion solutions to tough project challenges facing today’s HVAC engineers, architects and contractors.

Smart Air Solutions includes FabricAir’s newly-added innovations: Internal 360° Hoops for duct shape retention: VarioDuct–uniform heating and cooling out of the same duct; Colors & Prints–surface printing on fabric duct with custom colors, repetitive patterns and graphics; Screen-Printed Artwork Logos; and Defrost Duct.

The PDF-formatted publication is easy to navigate with four major sections: Duct Profiles–shapes and retention devices for full inflation; Fabric Types–good, better, best fabric options for any application; Flow Models–air flow options ranging from gentle flow permeability to high velocity including a variety of orifice styles, sizes and patterns; and suspension systems.

FabricAir dispersion systems allow for aesthetic expression and comprehensive design to create a clean and attractive appearance, free from joints, corrugations, duct sealant, paint streaks and inconsistencies. The solutions are custom designed using proprietary 3D software and CFD analysis of performance is available. Fabric duct has a variety of indoor air quality advantages as a metal duct alternative, including condensation prevention, energy-savings, uniform air distribution, hygienic properties and simplified maintenance.

For more information on Smart Air Solutions, other FabricAir publications or duct products and accessories, please visit www.fabricair.com; email sales-US@fabricair.com or contact customer and technical support departments at (502) 493-2210.

About FabricAir

FabricAir designs and produces custom air dispersion & air distribution solutions for a wide range of applications. In 1973 we installed the world’s first fabric ducting system, which heralded a whole new way of thinking within HVAC and indoor climate. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation and proudly deliver superior air dispersion across the globe through sales companies and a substantial distributor network. Our experienced engineers ensure ideal air flow regardless of project complexity. We are headquartered in Denmark and all systems are produced to measure at our facility in Lithuania. For more information on FabricAir duct and accessories, please visit www.fabricair.com; or contact customer and technical support departments at sales-US@fabricair.com or by calling (502) 493-2210.