Brad and Seth Hadley

Father and Son Jump into the HVAC Supply Industry

October 22, 2018

When Brad Hadley started a small heating and air company in 1989, he only had one goal in mind; to work as his own boss in the HVAC industry. He did just that for the next 23 years, even raising his youngest son, Seth, in the business. When Seth graduated high school in 2012 he moved his part-time position to full time and together they grew the already modestly successful heating and air company, selling the company five years later to turn their attention to manufacturing and supply.

Brad and Seth Hadley
Brad (left) and Seth (right) Hadley

In February 2016, Brad and Seth decided to take on a venture of producing commercial spiral duct systems and in May 2016, they opened the doors to their fabrication plant, QHA Metal Products, in Baileyton, Alabama. In the first two years alone QHA Metal Products produced duct that was installed on jobs such as The Redstone Arsenal and Air Force Base as well as providing product for many local businesses.

In 2017 Brad and Seth began the process of opening a new division that would focus on wholesale HVAC supply and in January 2018 they opened QHA Supply in Huntsville, Alabama. Less than four months after opening the Huntsville location, Brad and Seth opened a second location in Arab, Alabama.

Throughout, Brad and Seth have kept the idea that pushed Brad into opening his own company all those years ago. They wanted to be their own bosses. They have faced many obstacles as the new guys in the HVAC wholesale supply industry, but they are determined to keep moving forward by staying focused on customer service and the needs of the residential and commercial HVAC industry.