JL3KM2 Job Link® System Manometer probes with app illustration.

Fieldpiece Introduces the Job Link System Dual Port Manometer Kit

July 29, 2020

The revolutionary new JL3KM2 Job Link® System Manometer probes give HVACR pros the freedom to work the way you want to — unrestricted by hoses, so you get readings from optimal locations on every system, every time.

JL3KM2 Job Link® System Manometer probes with app illustration.
JL3KM2 Job Link® System Manometer probes with app illustration.

Unlike traditional dual port manometers, Fieldpiece’s revolutionary untethered design lets you place each probe independently in exact locations, to see up to 8 reliable pressure readings at once* — all fed directly into the Fieldpiece Job Link app for maximum convenience.

Measure and view real-time return static, supply static, total external static, and gas pressures from up to 350′ away. Get single, dual or multiport measurements with the ability to adapt to awkward equipment configurations. Now you have the versatility to get critical pressure measurements without being restricted by hose length!

  • JL3KM2 Job Link Manometer Kit features:
  • 350′ long range wireless
  • All-in-one static, gas, and draft pressure
  • Accurate and stable measurements
  • Individual pressure readouts
  • Find Inlet and Outlet gas pressures
  • Switchable P1 – P2 indicator
  • Job Link® System app compatible
  • Easy zero to atmosphere
  • Includes all accessories for static and gas pressures

P.S. We hope you are safe, healthy and that business is going well. Through all that is going on, please know Fieldpiece remains here for you — and that we are dedicated to ensuring you have the resources needed to continue to fulfill your essential job duties.

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