ESCO Flange Hog 110 flange facing tool

Flange Facing Tool Eliminates Need to Replace Flanges

February 21, 2020

A portable and compact flange facing tool that eliminates the need to cut pipe and replace flanges when replacing valves in virtually any flanged piping system is available from Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

ESCO Flange Hog 110 flange facing toolThe Esco FLANGE HOG 110® Flange Facing Tool is manually operated and eliminates the expense associated with valve replacement including cutting pipes, welding new flanges in place, and x-ray inspection. Easy to setup and use, it requires only about a 10” opening between flanges and re-faces damaged RF and FF gasket seats on flanges with a phonographic finish.

Creating a perfect finish that meets B16.5 standards, the Esco FLANGE HOG 110® Flange Facing Tool mounts to the flange I.D. in a few minutes with a clamping range of 0.9” to 10” and 0.005” alignment accuracy. Capable of rapidly machining highly alloyed flanges with a reach up to 14” O.D., it comes with straight and 90 degree tool bit holders and uses two-sided bits.

The Esco FLANGE HOG 110® is priced at $5,995.00 supplied as a complete kit with all necessary resurfacing components and is also available for rent.

For more information contact: ESCO Tool (A Unit of Esco Technologies, Inc.), Matthew Brennan, Marketing Director, 75 October Hill Rd., Holliston, MA 01746. Call (800) 343-6926, fax (508) 429-2811, or e-mail: [email protected]

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