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Solar Wolf Energy Looks to Change the Energy Status Quo

February 21, 2020

Solar Wolf Energy (Boston, MA) is looking to install what they believe might be the nation’s first truly off-grid and self-sustained microgrid residential development. The vision for this project is to provide a high-quality installation with no above ground connections while maintaining complete independence from connecting to any utility generator. This vision demonstrates a promising neighborhood in the continental United States that is fully self-sustaining and reliant.

Solar Wolf Energy is a nationwide solar sales and installation company that has partnerships with the highest efficiency module manufactures as well as energy storage leaders in the industry. Solar Wolf Energy is looking to connect with regional or national residential housing developers to realize our vision. We are looking for true believers that understand this specific vision from our CEO:

“It is important to us to help move this process forward. It’s also super critical that we work with a developer that is aligned with the same core values and the environmental impact this will have.” – Ted Strzelecki, Solar Wolf Energy CEO, Chairman

Interested corporations may contact Solar Wolf Energy via [email protected].

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