Frightful Weather Outside, Perfect Comfort Inside

November 25, 2019

By Valerie Mastalka, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Heating, Lennox

Bright foliage, sprawling corn mazes and falling temperatures are upon us. Even in Texas, we’re turning on our fireplaces and pulling out our sweaters. But cold weather doesn’t have to mean discomfort. Lennox’ line of furnaces is designed to create perfect comfort within the home, even when the weather outside is frightful.

The Lennox SLP98V variable-capacity gas furnace is the quietest and most efficient furnace on the market, delivering ultimate comfort and incomparable quiet performance. The SLP98V has an industry-leading 98.7 percent efficiency rating, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars annually in utility costs and earning it the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient® 2019 distinction. When combined with an iComfort® S30 ultra smart thermostat, the SLP98V adjusts its heating for energy savings based on the homeowner’s routine.

Another heating option is the SL297NV variable-speed, ultra-low emissions gas furnace. With a 97.5 percent efficiency rating, the SLP297V can save homeowners up to hundreds of dollars annually in energy costs. This first-in-class, award winning furnace works at two different levels of heat output, keeping a consistent temperature while using as little fuel as possible. So, while homeowners are staying cozy and warm, they are also helping protect the environment.

The SLP98V and SL297NV gas furnaces are Lennox’ highest efficiency furnaces, but Lennox has premium products across its entire portfolio.

One such premium product is the EL296V variable-speed, two-stage gas furnace. A variable-speed motor allows the EL296V to constantly adjust airflow speed and gently disperse even heat throughout the home, delivering exceptional comfort and remarkable efficiency. Since it can fine tune airflow to match demand, the motor minimizes wasted electricity. With a 96 percent efficiency rating, the EL296V can potentially save homeowners hundreds of dollars annually in utility costs.

Every Lennox product has the same quality design and reliability standards across the portfolio, but the EL296V provides a unique opportunity for elevated and personalized comfort through features that include sound-dampening design and smart thermostat-enabled communication.

The ML296V gas furnace is a new addition to the Lennox Merit Series – the standard of excellence – and is designed to be the most energy-efficient furnace in its class. With a 96 percent efficiency rating, homeowners pay for perfectly heated air, not wasted energy. The ML296V uses a variable-speed fan to keep temperature swings at a minimum, while the two-stage heating saves gas by adjusting the flame size based on demand.

Today homeowners are looking for increased comfort, efficiency and air quality when purchasing furnaces. They may not know what products are available, but they do know how they want to feel in their home. It’s important for the contractor to understand the homeowner’s needs, evaluate the home and present a personalized option. This will allow the homeowner to experience the serene and perfect environment everyone wants for their homes.

Lennox makes perfect air possible. You make it happen. The comfort and well-being of your community depends on you. That’s why Lennox supports your business with resources like convenient Lennox® Stores, exclusive learning opportunities and the most direct distribution model in the industry.

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