Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

February 27, 2021

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl!!! Like many football fans, I watched every play from my recliner and cheered the Bucs on, even giving up my usual nap in fear of missing an exciting moment.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

I was particularly pleased with the outstanding, almost perfect game play of the entire Bucs team. That, on top of one old man of 43 years that still doesn’t know that he is too far over the hill to be on the field with a team of kids twenty years younger. I predict that Tom Brady will figure out his inability to keep up with them and retire sometime in the next ten years, or so.

Tom’s terrific performance and leadership this year positively goes to prove that age doesn’t necessarily become a handicap in doing a good job. It showed that a lifetime of gaining experience and learning his trade properly made him a winner. This is true in any profession, not just in football. In the HVAC/R industry, if an employee has reached a point of not being able to crawl or climb any more, it doesn’t mean it’s time to retire him/her. Based on experience gained over time, there is probably a good place in your company that this person could fit in for some time to come. Give some thought to it before losing a good member of your organization for no reason.

Bucs, keep up the excellent work for a long time to come. You are exciting to follow.

We’ll talk again next month.