Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

July 06, 2019

By Walter Arnett

In 1951, I bought my first automobile, which meant I needed to get insurance also. I searched around and came up with the best agency and the best prices that fit my budget. I stayed with that agency until I moved to another location, which did not have my insurance company’s representative in town. Four years later, I relocated to Atlanta, and found an excellent agent for my old company, and went back to them, satisfied.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

When I came back to Macon in 2004, one of the first things I did was to contact my old agency that I started with in 1951 and renewed my association with them. Things went along well, until I noticed that the rates were climbing too fast. Some of my complaints were adjusted a little a couple of times, but not to my agreeable satisfaction. I finally asked a friend in the insurance business with another company for a quote and was shocked.

The good, reliable old friend agency since 1951 had jumped my car rates up to over $900.00 for 6 months, with a statement that they will more than likely be jumped again for the next 6 months. This also applied to my homeowner’s policy. A member of the agency even volunteered that most of my increases were made because of my age. The fact that I have only one claim in over 20 years for a dented rear bumper means nothing, I’m just too old for them to worry with.

In May of this year, I finally switched my insurance company business to my friends’ company and am saving over $1200.00 a year. My advice to each of you, no matter how old or young you are, don’t hesitate in checking your insurance rates with someone else if you are not satisfied. Your savings could be well worth your efforts. We’ll talk again next month.