Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

May 09, 2020

We have had about a month of solitary confinement now, and even though the news is leaning toward the virus peaking sometime in the nearer future, we still have a while to go. The economy was doing very well when Coronavirus hit us and then people began to drop in great numbers, businesses closed their doors putting workers out of jobs, leaving our nation in more of a turmoil. It is the time to quit blaming each other for causing a tragedy that we need to be putting our resources and efforts together in order to overcome the problem as fast as possible.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

The HVAC Insider is abiding by the rules to keep from spreading the germs. We do not intend to get out into the public and make contact with anyone unless it is totally needed. That does not mean you will not hear from us for the duration. We will be in constant contact with our supporters, advertisers, and news makers by phone, or computer, and you all, including you readers will receive the next issues of the HVAC Insider as usual.

We have two guest articles by Florida authors featured this month that you should take the time to read. Brett Lang offers a contractor’s insight into the Coronavirus in “Luckily Essential” on page 16 and Randy Castricone kicks off his series of Castricone’s Corner articles with “Virtual Future” on page 10. (Click here to view this issue.)

Under the existing circumstances, if any of you have news and pictures of interest, please advise Peter. We don’t intend to let the virus stop us from keeping you posted on what is happening in our trade in Florida. Also, please stay safe during these serious times. Do what is recommended to stay healthy and keep your families out of harm’s way.

We’ll talk again next month.