Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

April 04, 2020

March has always been a special time for me in my adult life. First, on March 26, 1950, Jean and I were married. This year would have been our 70th anniversary had she lived. Second, our youngest son, Bob, was born on the night of our fifth anniversary, completing the growth of our family of five. Third, it always meant that spring was not far away and the cold weather would soon be gone. Hot dog!!! And finally, March each year marks another anniversary of Peter Montana joining the paper. Happy 17th Anniversary, Peter!

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

This year, things have changed. The country has suffered an unusual amount of rain and devastating flooding that has ruined too many lives and families. Then, along came the devastating tornadoes that destroyed not only towns and history of our country, but also too many lives. Nashville, Tennessee for example.

Then, the Coronavirus came along, thanks to China, and has totally turned the world around. I know everybody has heard too much of the number of cases of illness and deaths that are mounting up daily, so I won’t go into any statistics with you. Instead, I will reemphasize a few warnings that should not be taken lightly by anybody. This virus is extremely serious and dangerous to everyone’s health and cannot be overlooked. Please heed the suggested points of safety the government and medical field are issuing to the public on a daily basis to protect you and your family. Keep your distance between other persons with no contact or hand shaking. Keep your hands washed and sanitized. Stay away from crowds, such as restaurants, bars, church, parties, and such functions.

The National ACCA is working with the Washington, D.C. officials to get the air conditioning contracting trade classified as an essential business in order to keep facilities such as hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies, even residencies comfortable and healthy for everyone. One warning to you, there are several UV products on the market, and all of them are good for some problem, but make sure before selling one to aid in healthy conditions, you have assurance from the manufacturer that their purpose is definitely for Coronavirus.

Be sure to read the “Contract Alert” concerning the COVID-19 virus on page 13 of this edition.

We hope everyone of you and your families get through these trying times safely and healthy.We’ll talk again next month.