Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

October 31, 2020

While riding down the street the other day, I tuned the radio in on the Senate hearing on President Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court vacancy. My understanding was 30 or 40 Senators would have 30 minutes each to question the candidate on her convictions when making decisions on cases that reach this top Court. I listened for a while to several of the Senators before turning to another station. The hearing, it seems to me, was not for questioning the candidate, but for each Senator to criticize the other party and their political activities. To me, it was almost a continuance of the first debate of the Presidential candidates.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

I turned back to the hearing later and someone had actually asked her a question to which she had a chance to give an answer to. I felt she did a great job on representing the people, government, laws, and justice with all of her answers.

I do feel that there needs to be strict rules for the questioners to follow in all hearings like this one. The reason for the event to begin with, is too important to have an unnecessary debate about politics.

These comments by me on anything to do with politics are rare, and if anyone is offended by them, I am just speaking my thoughts. We’ll talk again next month.