Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

October 03, 2020

Election time is almost here. I just received an Absentee Ballot in the mail. Back a few months ago, I got the Absentee Ballot for the Primary Election and filled it out but decided to change one of my selections. I did what the instructions said to do, I wrote “SPOILED” on it and took it to the voting poll with me to turn back in. There was no problem in getting to vote, which pleased me. All I had to do was stand in line for 55 minutes to get to a voting machine.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

At 92 years old, this has become unacceptable to me, so I am going to try the Absentee Ballot again, in the upcoming event and hope my vote will be counted. It will be an honest vote, because I swear that I am not dead and I want to do my part in getting the U.S,A. back to normal as soon as possible again.

The Coronavirus has made many changes in normalcy to everyone in the world and life styles will never be the same anymore. This includes, not only our personal lives, but also the way we work. In many cases we will have to learn new ways to get our jobs accomplished. Take into consideration the lives and safety of employees as well as those of the customers. The first thing to think about is masks, possibly gloves, and on the jobsite, shoe wraps as well as clean uniforms. Don’t forget hand sanitizer needs to be used after each job.

We all want an acceptable virus killer to be found as soon as possible so we can once again feel safe and enjoy our lives. Don’t give up, it’s coming. We’ll talk again next month.