Walter Arnett

From the Inside

May 01, 2021

The new party of power has been in office for about 100 days and I haven’t noticed any improvement in the country’s problems, yet. Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are mine alone, with no particular proof of truth, just what I think of things.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

I don’t read the news, as it seems to be some individual’s opinion on what is going on, and not the facts of true happenings which I prefer to know. The same reasoning is applied to the radio and TV. I guess it depends on which political party we each lean toward that makes us have those certain ways of believe in what we think is the correct, or true way to accept what is going on in our behalf. Here again, I would just prefer the true facts and not someone’s opinion, if possible.

What is really happening in the medical field with the virus problems? I can’t accept the figures of cases, or deaths. Too many of them should be associated with some other cause, such as previous illnesses like heart attacks, or cancer, or others.

What is really causing the increase in mass shootings this year? Why are there more disastrous problems at the border than we have seen in some time? When are our public representatives going to quit fighting for personal or party control and actually start working for the good of the public voters that put them in office to begin with?

As stated at the beginning, these are my ideas. I will make one more thought public to you, then let you add your own to the list. There is a citizen that, through the idea of equal rights, has created the movement of Baseball’s Allstar Game from Atlanta to another location. This action has cost the community something like 140 million dollars, mostly out of the pockets of small and minority business owners. Wouldn’t it be smarter if people would take the time to think things through all the way to the end before hastily acting. It is my understanding that there are already some “I meant” excuses being given, and several of the major supporters of the action are working on their alibis.

As wished for all of you last month, enjoy a beautiful spring. We’ll talk again next month.