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Fujitsu Announces New Mini-Split and VRF Controller

February 27, 2023

Fujitsu General America is proud to announce the Kagami Controller, offering modern, touchscreen control of Airstage H, J and V-Series systems, designed to blend with interior designs.

The new, stylish two-wire remote controller features a backlit touch panel that displays room temperature when activated, or this can be displayed at all times, along with current time and a variety of other information. The nearly five-inch-square controller’s display is a half-mirrored, anti-fingerprint LCD.

The Kagami Controller is intuitive for the occupant to switch between Custom Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan and Heat modes. An emergency heat function is also provided. A multi-color LED indicates the current operating mode of the indoor unit. Adjusting settings, like room temperature, is accomplished by swiping up or down. Scrolling through setting options simply requires a left or right swipe. A weekly operation schedule can be set, and a human sensor setting is available on select models.

Select sensor values, including the connected heat pump’s EEV pulse value, can be monitored from within the new controller, and room temperature offset can also be modified. Both individual and group control is available with the Kagami Controller. Up to 16 individual Fujitsu indoor units can be simultaneously controlled from a single unit, making the controller equally attractive for commercial or residential applications.

Initial setup and adjustments are accomplished via Bluetooth connection with Fujitsu’s Remo Set smartphone app. Settings can also be read from one controller and copied to another in the same manner.

The controller can retain and display HVAC contractor contact information, and a logo feature allows hotels to display their corporate logo on the touch screen when not actively in use. Settings can also be masked for hotel installations.

With story caption: The Kagami Controller’s nearly five-inch-square display is a half-mirrored, anti-fingerprint LCD

For more information, please visit www.FujitsuGeneral.com