General Filters’ Thanksgiving meal donations

General Filters, Inc. Gives to Families In Need During Thanksgiving

December 03, 2018

For many years General Filters has generously given a turkey to each employee for Thanksgiving. Those that do not need their turkeys donate them, and additional items are purchased to create entire Thanksgiving meals for families in need. Each year employees supply stuffing, canned vegetables, dinner rolls, bread, muffins, bags of potatoes, bags of fruit, cranberry sauce, butter, cookies, turkey broth, and more. Gift certificates are given should families require items not provided.

General Filters’ Thanksgiving meal donations
General Filters’ Thanksgiving meal donations

As with past years, the city of Novi’s Youth Services matched General Filters’ donations with local families in need, and will deliver the meals on the company’s behalf.

“Anyone can unexpectedly find themselves in a position of need. The hurricanes in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida, along with the fires in California demonstrate just how one’s life can be altered in the blink of an eye. There is so much that can be done to help get families back on their feet”, said Paige Freeland, Marketing Manager. This year has been particularly meaningful to me. My own parents’ home was damaged by hurricane Florence flooding in September and they are still displaced while waiting for their home restoration to be completed. Neighbors whose homes were not flooded, along with friends, local churches and community members immediately stepped in to help my parents and everyone affected by the disaster. Their kindness has meant more than I can say; to know that people not just cared, but acted.”

“Helping others makes me feel good,” said Linda Katoch in Manufacturing. Employees were quick to ask: “What can I contribute?” “What do you need from me?”

“We are thankful to the City of Novi for making sure families won’t go hungry during the holiday season. General Filters may give to a handful of families, but their efforts contribute to countless more,” said Paige.

If you live in the Novi, MI area and would like to Adopt a Family for Christmas please contact the City of Novi’s Youth Services at (248) 347-0410. Countless such organizations exist across the USA, so please reach out this holiday season.

For additional information, contact: Bob Abraham, President & CEO, General Filters, Inc., (248) 513-3312,

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