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Geokey Announces Exclusive Smart Thermostat Integration with Resideo

July 09, 2024

Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat Unlocks Energy Savings for Geokey Platform’s Multi-Family Customers

Geokey announced a new app integration with Resideo Technologies, a leading global provider of solutions for home comfort, energy management, security, and safety, to provide multi-family dwellings access to enhanced smart home comfort and energy efficiency. The integration will transform the way residents take control of their indoor comfort and give building owners a way to monitor energy use and achieve savings. As part of this collaboration, Resideo’s Honeywell Home smart thermostats will be the only thermostats available in Geokey’s mobile access control app.

Residents can now control their Honeywell Home smart thermostats to create personalized heating and cooling schedules remotely using the Geokey app. Property owners and managers can see insights about energy consumption patterns of vacant units, including reports on how HVAC systems are performing, to enable informed decisions to reduce energy waste. Geokey’s apps protect properties managed by SPM, the leading property management company for apartment communities across the U.S.

Geokey’s access control software secures properties like the Reverie, a premier property in Belmont, North Carolina. “As a community manager, my experience with Geokey and the thermostat offering has been remarkably seamless and user-friendly. Our residents love that they can effortlessly adjust their home’s temperature from anywhere, ensuring optimal comfort without having to physically interact with the thermostat. The app offers intuitive controls, real-time temperature monitoring, and the ability to set schedules or temperature presets, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency. This integration of technology not only simplifies the management of home climate but also provides a modern, connected living experience that aligns with the needs of today’s tech-savvy residents,” said Kelsey Reagan, Senior Community Manager at Reverie Belmont.

This integration also includes access to Resideo’s First Alert water leak detection system, which notifies residents of a water leak and allows them to remotely shut off the water within the app.

“Resideo is building a future where technology works to simplify everyday life,” said Nick Dalsin, Vice President, Systems, Apps and Software at Resideo. “Integrating smart thermostat control and water leak detection into Geokey’s access control app empowers residents to effortlessly manage their home’s comfort and gives property managers more tools to protect and care for their dwellings.”

Geokey, known for access control software, has expanded capabilities within their app to simplify operations and property management for owners and operators – from smart home features to PMS integrations. “Partnering with Resideo allows us to give residents modern day comfort while also unlocking greater energy savings for property managers,” said Brandon Peterson, CEO of Geokey.

About Geokey: Geokey is a cutting-edge mobile access control platform that is revolutionizing the way multifamily and student housing owners and operators secure their access points. By taking a hardware-agnostic approach, properties can utilize multiple hardware manufacturers controlled under one cloud-based solution to fit their diverse and unique needs. Learn more about how Geokey is revolutionizing the access control industry at

 About Resideo: Resideo is a leading global manufacturer and developer of technology-driven products and components that provide critical comfort, energy management, and safety and security solutions to over 150 million homes globally. Resideo’s trusted First Alert® brand offers smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, escape ladders and water leak detection solutions. With proven expertise for more than a century, the company’s Honeywell Home smart thermostats help balance indoor air quality and offer energy savings. Through the ADI Global Distribution business, Resideo also is a leading wholesale distributor of low-voltage security and life safety products for commercial and residential markets. For more information about Resideo, visit, or

 The Honeywell Home trademark is used under a long-term license to Resideo from Honeywell International Inc.