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Get Qualified for More Jobs: Setting the Bar with Boland Training

October 24, 2018

What HVAC equipment did 20 years ago and what it can accomplish today is totally different. Knowing that your team members are the subject matter experts, training on the latest available technology is essential to maintain new equipment and control systems.

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Why Train?

Get qualified for more jobs. The more knowledge and subject matter expertise you have, the more clients will seek you out to work on their whole building and not just one part.

Learn to look at a building holistically and identify what equipment is dragging you or your client’s HVAC system down.

Understand how to properly maintain operation, check systems, calibrate equipment and utilize control programs and communicate this to clients.

Forecast problem areas before they become costly.

If the user hasn’t been properly taught that a filter needs to be cleaned and checked at set intervals, the filter can get clogged and shut down the unit’s compressor, resulting in a service bill and possibly a new compressor. It’s a simple maintenance task that may take five minutes, but if the operator is unaware of this, there can be a pricey fix as well as a warranty issue.

Making Equipment Work for You

Maglev bearings, oil-free compressors, wireless sensors, metered data that translates into KPI, and new refrigerants all require different knowledge than legacy products that came before them. These new features also have the capacity to provide more insight, more control, greater longevity, government compliance and the best value to the owner.

The most common training mistake is not allocating the necessary time to educate employees about how to operate and maintain today’s technologically enhanced HVAC equipment.

Don’t get stuck servicing yesterday’s customer; plan for your future with targeted training.