photo from LG integrated controls class

Get Ready for Fall with LG and Amazing Mass Save/National Grid Rebates for Integrated Controls

October 09, 2019

What are Integrated Controls? They are pieces of equipment that work with existing Oil or Propane systems to utilize both the existing fossil fuel in conjunction with a new LG heatpump system, to provide maximum efficiency.

photo from LG integrated controls class“Effectively using heat pumps with an existing heating system can reduce heating costs for customers who heat their homes with oil or propane. By installing an Integrated Control, the system can automatically switch from heating with the Air Source Heat Pump to the conventional system based on preselected outdoor temperatures and temperature differential from setpoint. This allows for maximum comfort and cost savings throughout the winter months.”

Mass Save/National Grid is offering very large rebates for this type of installation in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for reducing carbon footprints along with providing superior efficiency.

LG Whole House solutions can help you receive these large MassSave rebates. Pictured is a recent LG integrated Controls Class at RST Thermal in Westwood. This was helping to unlock the mystery of the integrated controls and the latest technology. Please email for more details.