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Global, The Source Acquires American Radionic Co., Inc.

Global, The Source (a dba of Vladmir Ltd.), a master distributor of HVAC/R components headquartered in Universal City, Texas, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the leading manufacturer of American Made motor-run capacitors, American Radionic Co., Inc. (dba, AmRad Engineering) of Palm Coast, Florida, effective July 1, 2020.

AmRad Vice President Richard Stockman with Global, The Source CEO Dickie Sirotiak at this year’s AHR Expo in Orlando.
AmRad Vice President Richard Stockman with Global, The Source CEO Dickie Sirotiak at this year’s AHR Expo in Orlando.

Originally founded in 1982, Global was purchased by CEO Dickie Sirotiak in 2001 and has flourished as a family owned business under the management of Dickie, President Shaun Sirotiak and Vice President Alison LeBleu.
Global’s success can be partially attributed to being a leader in the promotion and advancement of American made products throughout the HVAC/R industry and the acquisition of AmRad Engineering solidifies the distributor’s position in the market. Both proud, American, family-owned companies have come together as one.

“AmRad Engineering, founded in 1939, is the oldest film capacitor manufacturing company in the world that is still operated by the founding family,” Dickie stated. “Proud of their ‘Made-in-America’ heritage, the company has been an innovator in their field and has been awarded over 65 significant patents and trademarks across multiple industries, most recently more than nine patents for the Turbo® Series of universal capacitors.”

“Global, The Source has played a huge part in our success,” added AmRad President Robert Stockman. “Their dedicated and knowledgeable staff has effectively marketed our Turbo® products to almost every HVAC/R wholesaler in the country and this new relationship will allow us to more effectively market some of our lesser-known products. There’s a huge market out there and at the same time, we are looking to continue developing new products since our success has been based on innovation.”

Global is happy to announce that AmRad President, Robert Stockman, inventor and patent designer of the Turbo 200® and the Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®), will be assuming a consulting role. Current Vice-President, Rich Stockman and all members of management along with AmRad’s dedicated employees are happy to continue working with Global.

Some of the cutting-edge products manufactured by AmRad Engineering:

  • Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®) acts as a kill switch to take the hard-start out of the system in the event of a failed capacitor. When a motor-run capacitor fails in a hard-start system, the hard-start keeps kicking on the compressor without the capacitor regulating. This will cause overheating and a shorter compressor lifespan.
    USA run capacitors, with patented Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®), in single and dual sizes available up to 80/10.
  • Turbo 200®, with patented Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®), motor-run capacitor replaces any one of the 200 different dual and single-value capacitors used by OEMs up to 67.5 MFD.
  • Turbo 200®X, with patented Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT®). motor-run capacitor, targeted for use with scroll compressor-based air conditioning equipment and applicable for over 75 values up to 97.5 MFD
    Turbo Easy-Start® 5 (TES5) can be used in place of any one of the four commonly used sizes of hard-start kits on the market today up to 5 tons and is suitable for over 90% of refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
    Turbo 200® Mini and Turbo 200® Mini-oval, engineered specifically to replace single value “Fan-Size” motor-run capacitors 2.5 MFD to 15 MFD.
  • Turbolytic® Jr., universal motor-start capacitor. Replaces up to 64 different motor-start capacitance values up to 227 MFD.
  • Turbolytic®50, universal motor-start capacitor. Replaces up to 64 different motor-start capacitance values up to 324 MFD.

Global is privileged to serve the needs of wholesalers across the United States and has represented some of the best manufacturers in the HVAC/R industry for over 30 years. With the acquisition of AmRad Engineering, Global anticipates an exciting new era and is thrilled to invest in the success of American manufacturing.

Here at Global, we believe in supporting America, American manufacturers, and the American worker. This union secures the future of American manufacturing and the American worker.

For more information about Global visit www.globalthesource.com, call 800.531.5967 or email customerservice@globalthesource.com.

For information on AmRad Engineering products visit www.americanradionic.com.