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Goodman Launches Nest Thermostat E + Goodman

January 29, 2021

Google Nest’s smart thermostat pairs seamlessly with
Goodman’s open protocol strategy

With demand for smart home automation growing exponentially, Google and Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. (Goodman) have collaborated to launch the Nest Thermostat E + Goodman program designed for Goodman’s extensive independent dealer network across the United States.

Google Nest thermostat, Goodman boxThe new offering from one of North America’s largest smart home thermostat brands marks the first time Google has offered a co-branded product and experience with a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturer. With their branded thermostat, Goodman® brand HVAC dealers now have a unique opportunity to tap into homeowners’ mounting demands for home automation – on pace for 31 percent compound annual growth, according to research firm McKinsey & Company.

“The Nest Thermostat E + Goodman pairs effortlessly with new Goodman equipment,” explains Rob Barnes, Vice President of Product Marketing for Goodman, “from base efficiency air conditioners to high-performing, multistage ComfortBridge™ products.”

The Nest Thermostat E + Goodman is enabled with Google Assistant so that homeowners can easily adjust their indoor comfort by using the ‘Hey, Google’ prompt with devices like a Nest Hub display or Nest smart speakers or even a mobile phone with the Google Assistant app.

“Both HVAC contractors and homeowners will find tremendous value with this Goodman-branded Google Nest thermostat,” Barnes says, “from service alerts customized with dealer contact information to a 5-year limited warranty.”

Homeowners can receive monthly, tailored Nest home reports delivering system performance and energy efficiencies of their Goodman HVAC system. If maintenance or service is needed, Nest HVAC monitoring can alert homeowners, providing dealer contact information and a means to book an appointment online with their Goodman brand dealer – a feature designed to help improve customer retention.

“These provide exciting advantages for HVAC contractors,” says Gene LaNois, Google’s Head of Professional Industry Partnerships. “Both our organizations saw the opportunity to more deeply integrate the HVAC system into the vision of the helpful home, while giving Goodman brand dealers something special of their own. Our HVAC monitoring feature helps every system become more informative.” 

Exponential Growth

With 75 percent of connected-home devices purchased through service providers, according to McKinsey, the Nest Thermostat E + Goodman opens opportunities for HVAC contractors to continue stamping their imprint on the smart home segment. Those opportunities range from educating homeowners about the devices’ energy-saving benefits to introducing customers to the entire suite of Nest products which work with the Nest Thermostat E + Goodman, including thermostats, doorbells, cameras, smoke + CO alarms, whole-home Wi-Fi systems, door locks, smart displays and speakers.

“The market for smart home technology installed by professionals continues to grow exponentially,” LaNois explains. “As an HVAC contractor, if you’re not already offering smart home solutions, this may be the perfect opportunity to get involved in a new business that helps draw in new customers, new technicians and new business prospects without relying on the weather.”

Millions of Nest thermostats already in the market are not associated with contractors. When Goodman brand HVAC dealers register as a Nest Pro, they have opportunities to access qualified jobs either through service work or potentially replacement, according to Barnes.

The 5-year limited warranty* offers an outstanding advantage for HVAC contractors and homeowners.

“Open Protocol” a Plus

LaNois says Goodman’s leadership position in the HVAC industry – plus its innovative, open protocol approach to communicating controls – set the stage for an ideal alliance with Google.

Barnes agrees, touting Goodman’s pioneering ComfortBridge communicating technology. According to Barnes, “Goodman’s ComfortBridge works with any 24-volt thermostat. This provides homeowners and HVAC contractors flexibility and freedom of choice to use any thermostat they like. And, of course, both consumers and dealers love the Nest thermostat.”

Barnes says dealers can expect to see the thermostats in Goodman branch and distribution locations beginning in February.

“This collaboration with Google is very big news for the Goodman team and our network of independent dealers,” says Barnes. “We’re thrilled to launch the Nest Thermostat E + Goodman product and eager to explore future developments with Google. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance our ability to maximize energy efficiency and system performance for our customers.”

Dealers, to register as a Nest Pro visit

For more about the Nest Thermostat E + Goodman, visit

* The full text of the Goodman limited warranty for this product can be viewed at, or may be requested in paper by contacting Goodman at 19001 Kermier Road, Waller, TX 77484. 

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