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Goodway’s Dry Steam Solutions Help Meet Sanitation Goals

February 12, 2019

While no one would argue the importance of proper sanitation in a facility, there are many individuals unaware of the benefits that dry steam offers when it comes to effectively sanitizing HVAC equipment and other surfaces. Goodway Technologies, a global manufacturer of industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions, is sharing a reminder that dry steam is a strong contender when reviewing available solutions.

“A large benefit of using dry steam cleaning is that it’s able to clean coils, small parts, tubes, switches, sensors, moving parts and essentially any surface within the facility,” says Tim Kane, President of Goodway Technologies. “Goodway offers dry steam solutions that makes achieving proper sanitation levels less labor-intensive and gives facility managers more confidence in the results.”

Dry steam cleaning is an economical, ecofriendly and effective form of cleaning. The dry steam systems thrive in dry environments, particularly where water use is avoided, or must be used in moderation. They produce vapor with as little as 5 percent moisture content, which means it also dries quickly. This steam is superheated and placed under pressure to provide powerful cleaning and sanitation properties. Using only water, substances such as stubborn grease, oil, dirt and other residues can be cleaned from all kinds of surfaces, even small holes and crevices, without any need for chemicals. Additionally, mold, mildew and a variety of bacteria and allergens are instantly eradicated leaving surfaces clean.

What are the benefits of dry steam sanitation?

  • Environmental – Reduces water usage, wastewater, chemicals and prevents regulatory fines.
  • Efficiency – Provides a more thorough cleaning of surfaces.
  • Productivity – Increases production uptime and revenue with improved equipment lifespan and reliability.
  • Quality – Improves hygiene and sanitation in plants and facilities without requiring additional labor.
  • Easy to Operate – Goodway’s dry steam sanitation solutions are easy to operate, offer a clean-in-place solution and help to improve safety in the work environment.

This past year, Goodway introduced the GVC-18VAC, which combines incredible dry steam cleaning power with the convenience of an integrated vacuum for wet pickup and extraction. It also features a UV germicidal light system for removing bacteria before exhausting air.

Goodway works closely with its customers to determine how to incorporate dry steam cleaning into their overall sanitation program. Every facility is unique, which is why Goodway’s experts help to find the most appropriate dry steam solution for the job.

Visit the website to learn more about Goodway’s dry steam cleaning and sanitation solutions, or call 1-800-333-7467. The dry steam cleaning buying guide also has additional information about the benefits and tips to make sure you select the right product for your needs.

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