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Gree America Commercial ( Y & N ) Celebrates its Third Year Strategic Planning Meeting

June 08, 2019

On March 29, Gree America Commercial celebrated its operations in the U.S., with a ceremony of reviewing and strategic planning in New York City. Gree America Commercial (Y & N) is now operational with full business efforts towards marketing expansion, sales, customer service, and technical support of HVAC commercial equipment.

The Commercial Team has steadily worked to open the U.S. market over the past years with the support of Gree’s leadership team in China. The company has been working with the State Power Corporation Public Committee, the Energy Bureau and local utility companies to promote Gree’s energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly green air-conditioning products.

Especially, Gree’s photovoltaic air conditioner and high energy-efficient Ultra Heat heat pump in -31F low ambient have been making headway in the U.S. homeowner and business market.

Gree Commercial’s Solar HVAC has brought very much attention to the market place, by using Sun’s direct power, the HVAC runs with Solar power directly as the priority source and operate on 5 modes. As a the only hybrid Solar HVAC system in the world, Gree has gained two special certifications from UL for its unique inventions and patents.

Executives at Gree America Commercial detailed a strategic alliance with Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. Faculty of MCC were present at the March 29th event to discuss Gree Commercial’s donation to the Applied Technologies Center at MCC. John Troy, Program Director of the Applied Technologies Center, stated, “It is a great partnership between MCC and Gree Commercial Team. Our students will be able to get a hands on experience to learn the top leading technology of HVAC. It is a great opportunity for them to learn and to see a true support from the industry. We are very looking forward to a wonderful future together.”

Gree Commercial air conditioners have been endorsed by leading engineering firms, architectural firms, mechanical firms, and real estate developers around the world. Gree’s leading-edge technology and innovation in Solar HVAC and Ultra Heat HVAC have sparked invested and momentum in the U.S. HVAC mainstream market.

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